Rome DLC's unique unit for Rome

Hopefully all of those leaked content will be added to aoe1’s Roman civ. We don’t need Romans in aoe2 as they don’t fit the game in any way.

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You can say the same about the Huns, but they are still in the game.

Romans are already in the game, called the Byzantines. We don’t have two Huns. A stupid idea doesn’t justify another.

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Like it or not romans are coming


I thought this was just speculation based on one leaked image, that might be of a Roman castle. Is there any other evidence?

Yes, you already have it in Attila and Alarico’s campaigns…

so how many civilizations are playable with the new DLC? any leak please

I once posted two different versions of the legionary.

Maybe that’s the root of the confussion

Edit: unrelated to the post, but related to the DLC: at first I didn’t like the idea of a Western Roman civ, because we already have the Eastern Romans, but given that it’s almost a fact that we’ll get the WRomans anyway, I’ll just enjoy the content that comes with the DLC, unless we don’t get any content besides the civ, in which case, meh

Also, I sure hope it’s a proper WRoman civ and not a WRoman/Papal States hybrid

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The admin says no leak, sorry.

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so when is it coming out?

No info yet. Personally, I think we’ll have some info on the ides of March, but it’s pure speculation

Earliest would be May. Most probably August

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We want to believe… on Wednesday we will leave doubts…

Are you all talking about using the Legionary as it appears in AOE2, for the Return of Rome DLC ? I’d say its design is utterly irrelevant.

ROR will be the romans legions of the Late Republic and Early Empire in all their glory.
image image
Lorica hamata (chainmail, late Republic) - Lorica segmentata (plate, developped under Augustus)

As opposed to that, the AOE2 legionary is from the late Roman Empire, 4th and 5th centuries. Its equipment has been streamlined to be more cost-effective
(images from Rome Total War)

The armour reverted back to a chainmail (though often with longer sleeves) as opposed to the option of having plate armour (lorica segmentata), the shield is a simpler oval shape, the helmet is less ornate, the heavy pila are replaced with more compact plumbatae. A shadow from what it was centuries before, and probably more geared for single combat (lighter shield, longer sword) indicating a population decline so less ability of massing large forces, as well as having all that long frontier to defend.

At this time Rome saw its hegemony threatened by Persia, Germans and Huns while its economy was collapsing, and couldn’t afford paying extra to look fancy. This is the legionary from AOE2.

Sure, in AoE 1 we will have the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire in its mighty glory and in AoE 2 we will have the late collapsing Roman Empire that we see in the campaigns of Alaric and Attila…


when did they say it will be released, cant wait to test it out

They haven’t said anything yet

The early legioms are qay too out of the timeline.

I thought he was talking about earlier legions for the AoE1 dataset

On March 28 (March 15 if we consider the Julian calendar)…the other is April 21 due to the founding of Rome…