Rome scenario 4

Is there a time limit? Or a certain amount of deaths allowed or something?
3x now i have spent well over an hour preparing these large armies with much success and I just get defeated for zero reasoning. Why? I am about to win and then I get defeated for no reason.

well it is official. this level is f u c k i n g possible to do and it is obvious that the makers have no clue what standard difficulty means. standard difficulty does not mean frequent nonstop persistent attacks within minutes and of epically large swarms of guys. Why did you have to do this to this game?

I am literally uninstalling this crap, literally and putting the original disc in and actually have some fun, fun that the morons behind this game has no comprehension of

the people who destroyed this game, you should be ashamed of yourselves

Hey, what is the name of the campaign because there are like 4 different campaigns involving Rome

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You need read better the scenario instructions.

And i have to be more respectful? and you dont think it is disrespectful to assume that I just pressed play without reading? Are you serious? wow what is wrong with you. it says nothing in the instructions anywhere about some time limit which i do not even think it is that because some games last less than an hour, some more than an hour. It just ends with me being defeated no matter what and for no reason at all, literally. So why dont you read the instructions!

again read the instructions, you even say the scenario name, lol. But i can assume is Syracuse.

I remember playing the original AOE to death. Then when the Rise of Rome add-on came out I quit playing pretty quick. It was just way too hard.

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Maybe he was talking about Battle of the Metaurus
In that scenario the AI can build a Wonder and win the game

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If it is that one it is a piece of cake. Gather your remaining swordsmen and move right and destroy Red’s base (i think its red), and then move further east and destroy the enemy TC there. Then set up another TC in that area, and relocate all your vills. Wall off the shallows and you are nice and safe. Also a granary will be in North-East

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never happens to me.

After however long, yellow builds a wonder which has a countdown. I tried the map on hardest and I don’t think it was very hard, you just have to use all your army to fight off the first wave from yellow and then send the remaining troops into yellows eco (gotta avoid the tower fire), while you at the same transport villagers and use hoplites to clear out the Islands.

You can even speedrun this scenario using this strategy

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very useful for inexperienced players.