ROR Ancient Middle East Diplomacy

Comes in two versions, regicide and non regicide. Non regicide is better for single player since the AI won’t die by sending their King into battle.

A regicide diplomacy Middle East map for Return of Rome, in which you fight to control monuments. Everyone starts with a kingdom. Each monument generates resources. Pop limit is 500 you start with 250 pop room. You get 100 food, gold and wood every 60 seconds. Your King is an hero centurion unit.

Your King has 5000 HP and is very heavily armoured, but has low attack. If your King dies you lose the game. Make allies and take over the Middle East. Temple is available to all civs, so a Macedonian player can recruit priests to heal their King if he is injured. Game starts in tool age wtih standard age setting. Trees and resources respawn and can’t be broken by catapults.

Everyone can make fortified walls and ballista towers. Heavy Transport Ships have 400 HP. Everyone has x2 urbanation and x2 times architecture tech. Civs are preset, but you can pick civs if you want. Many units are much stronger in terms of HP. Slingers do 25 damage, have 100 HP and cost 100 food. Nobility tech disabled. Siege units take 2 times longer to make, have 2x HP, and do x2 damage.

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