RoR Campaign Vote Write-In: Please Change the Macedonian Building Set

Yeah, speaking of that, there’s a fundamental problem with the haphazardly launched vote:

AoE1DE has redesigned and replaced several scenarios including Mountain Temple, and not all users are aware of these changes. The hastily put-together vote has done nothing to inform users of what that entails - they could have described their general approach to set correct expectations - how much the DE campaigns were changed from the original, and how much they will be changed in Return of Rome.

What people think they are voting for and what they are actually voting for may not be the same thing.


We have no idea whether they will follow the design decisions from AoE1DE or completely redesign them.

What we know for sure is the story progression, broadly. Map layout could also be unchanged, that’s always something that can be designed around.

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Agreed! I support all of this.

They should redesign and improve the original scenarios

I’m content with all DE rework before, but why not tell the story in ROR with more triggers and special achievements that Aoe2 DE allowed we to accomplish? Such special cheevos are the cherry on the top of the cake, Aoe1 DE lacked this.

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Interesting how most people seemed to like the same 3 campaigns, the Babylonian, Greek and Yamato one.
I hope they change their mind and make all 3 of them. That would make most people here happy.

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I don’t think it’s surprising. The Rise of Rome campaigns are shorter, and since you play as Romans in most of them, they probably seem less distinct in people’s memories.

I voted for Babylon and Yamato. I considered voting for Caesar because I think would translate well to the AoE2 format, since it focusses on a single leader – but it’s only four scenarios, and I don’t think they’re that interesting. My favourite Rise of Rome scenarios (Birth of Rome, Crossing the Alps, Year of the Four Emperors) are all in different campaigns, and it feels silly voting for a short campaign for the sake of a single scenario.

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