[RoR] Clubmen into axe rush is bringing terrible experience for players in 1v1s

I am a return of Rome player and I would say august patch is nice for RoR gameplay in bronze-iron age.

However, I found that unit stats (damage output/ move speed/ attack rate) is age1 while map size and engine is age2 so it is hard to work properly. Current meta is like 80% games are decided by clubman into axer rush and it is all about speed and luck/civ bonuses. Once opponent is 30 sec click up faster and send 2-3 pos 2 armor clubmen into your eco, you are completely dead or they will take huge advantage to start the snow ball when you survive with 50% eco left.

THIS ISSUE IS EXTREMELY BAD because it making 1v1s in RoR not even playable in open maps atm. Games can not get over tool age. Newcomers don’t even have any chance to play games in later ages when they vs experienced players, they literally get massacred after 12-15 mins. Meanwhile, experienced players completely dislike it because club/axemen rush is more likely a bug than a strat. Everyone abusing that rush and it always lead the games to 30-45 mins tool age war or 10 mins total domination.

Loomed vills next patch could help a little bit ### it is not enough. they can not survive since units get armor upgrade according to the fact that vills only do 1 dmg on armor-upgraded units not like age2 vills deal 2dmg to fedual units. Everyone will continue to abuse clubmen rush and first 3-4 clubmen-axe are still the game deciders.

I think they need to nerf it asap by increasing the clubmen training time in stone age/ increasing the cost and research time infantry armor/battle axe tech by 25-30 sec. Lots of players wanna try and play but thet leave after that because of stupid rush and 24/7 tool war games. Now it is kinda hard for anyone to find a lobby and play the game.


I am surprised this wasn’t dealt with. As anyone that watched the big RoR tournament before release saw that every open map game had this as the conclusion. Only time there wasn’t was when the players had some walls pre-built for them.


Totally agree it doesn’t show the lvl/skills of player. Stupid rush in overall

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I agree, as the current #1 player in RoR (1v1), Rush feels stupid. In open maps it feels like you have to do it. Games allways have huge gap, if it goes brz you know who wins, cuz there is huge advantage or not in high level games. It’s also a matter of luck, if u find the woodline/food quickly or not. Once clubman with armor are inside ur full idle. The armor upgrade is way to overbearing, you can’t do anything about it anymore. I believe the tech,timing needs changing, because it is all about tempo and speed. Also increasing the price on the armor tech could be right, Increasing the production time of clubmen in stone age would also slow it down. Being up 30-45 seconds later then ur opponent vs good rush means instadeath which should not be the case


I totaly agree on the original post.
I’m played a lot of RTR 1v1 and to win you only need to know 2 things :

  • Were the enemy will spawn (since on some maps he can spawn at weird places
  • Age up at 18/19 pop into proxy 3 clubmans with armor upgrade and archers

RTR issue is the tempo of the game, if as said even 2 clubman with armor are in your eco it’s almost insta GG because your eco will be idle were your opponent is untouched.
I agree that increasing research time on armor and attack upgrade of infantry in tool age should be double maybe even tripled.
That solution instead of giving villager more stats would unbalance nor distorted it.


I am against that villager will have +1/1 armor and +5HP in Stone age, that would mean simple worker is stronger warrior than actual warrior which is club man. That extra armor could only be thing from Tool age and I would rather see it as tech not just new buff from get go.

Edit: Not to mention that new bonus will make Palmyra villagers totally op since they have +2/2 armor which means their vill rush could totally dominate in Stone age.


This is part of the reason AoE2 TCs fire arrows.


Yeah, I agree that AoE1 should have the same feature. Not having it kinda invalidates garrison.

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That and AoE1 buildings having a tiny health pool.

Yes. AoE1 needs to be fundamentally rebalanced to make it more fun and less frustrating.

Buildings in AoE1 don’t take full damage like in AoE2. Of course they could add some extra armor to buildings to make them little bit stronger if needed.

Still, I find I can smash buildings apart way easier in RoR than AoE2. Never even need siege, just a bunch of guys smacking it sends them down pretty quickly.

Perhaps the Town Centre specifically needs more bulk, to prevent the game ending too early.

After many high lvl games I ve watched, I can argue that bronze-iron age balance are pretty fine. The sole problems is early rush in tool age deal so much damage and we need to nerf it.

But +50â„… ho for house would be a good idea. Houses are way too paper in aoe1

Perhaps walls and towers shouldn’t require a tech to research to start building them? Keep their upgrades at the Granary, just make it so when you go up to Tool Age, they are available.


Ya it is a nice idea. Additionally, towers in rtr built up super slowly. Need to reduce the time to build them

absolutly not, otherwise you are oppening the door for tower rush strat. And even in age2 (and age4) those strat are super boaring