[ROR] Empire on the Sea - The History of Carthage

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The first misson, i feel 50 pop cap makes the game really slow and well boring. Also Hebrews are attacking “grey” but grey is not fighting back. AI need to be tweat as it goes bananas with building all over the map.

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Yo, these are the type of Campaigns I like. Much better than Scenario campaigns.

Any tips about the last scenario? It is pretty brutal even on standard. I lost Sicily after some minuts, then i was overrun in north africa so i fled with what i had left to Iberia but the enemy found me. -_- Like everybody is allied agianst me

Thanks for the updates, the last scenario manageabel now =)

  1. Good mission with a limited pop requiring one to go for mission objectives rather than to wipe out the map.

  2. Also nice mission with a quite lot of freedom regarding settling. But maybe add a little bit more requirements for a player to create new colonies? Possibly even settling new allied states?

  3. Bit an abrupt end, but completely different objectives make for a quite nice change of pace.

  4. Again something completely different. But I dislike missions where one doesn’t build, and I lack objectives. Turned this off after I realized that my villagers are useless because I spend all my wood on upgrades for my units. Small capacity of transport ship forces me to go back and forth to ship my units.

  5. Surrendered Sicily as I tried to build eco in the hinterland, but when I finally created navy able to push out oh-so-common raids from Greeks and Romans, I was backstabbed by huge army of Numidians who didn’t do anything else than build horse archers and heavy cav.

So I tried to go with my remaining resources to Spain, but constant raids from Iberians, and Roman and Greek navy got me, since I didn’t have enough eco and gold to fight back.

In the end, not an entertaining mission and I will probably not replay it.

Feels like a mishmash between all Punic wars, although the mission most closely resembles the Second Punic war. In the First Punic War, Greeks were the most active and Syracuse was still independent. In the Second Punic War, Carthage lost all influence on Sicily, along with Corsica and Sardinia, Syracuse was only nominally independent, but de-facto under the thumb of Romans, and many Greek city-states were unwilling allies of Romans as well. Overall Greeks should be IMHO a neutral faction paying tribute to Romans rather than a Major player fighting against Carthage. In fact, Macedonians declared war to Rome, and after the death of the Syracusan tyrant who hated Carthage, Syracuse went on the Carthaginian side. Finally, Numidia did attack Carthage, but only during Third Punic War, not the Second.

Just tried misson 3 on moderate. When i finally manage to bribe the pirates and the libyans to attack the other cities then there armies where totally worthless agianst the cities Iron age navys -_-