[RoR] Is There Going to be Any New Balance Changes?

Return of Rome was released almost three months ago, and it has only received a couple of small balance changes since then.

Most of theses changes were done to match the unit and civilization balance to AoE:DE, and these changes affected were little on how this game plays out.

The only changes which meaningfully affected the balance were:

  • Gate construction time 70s → 35s (8th of June Patch)
  • Hoplite, Phalangite, Centurion – reload time 2 → 1.5 (28th of June Patch)
  • Cavalry, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract – reload time 1.3 → 1.5 (28th of June Patch)
  • Heavy Catapult – blast width 2 → 1.2 (28th of June Patch)

Civilization specific changes (all from 28th of June Patch):

  • Assyrian get Alchemy
  • Babylonian get Chain Mail Armors
  • Palmyran Villagers receive +1P armor as well from the civilization bonus

Is there any chance this game mode could receive further balance updates?

I’m not expecting any new units, technologies or mechanics but rather just changes that could be made using Advanced Genie editor.

Something simple would suffice such as:

  • Bowman reload time 1.4s → 1.7s
  • Clubman bonus damage vs mounted units 0 → 2
..and maybe also some bigger changes
  • Villager hit points 25 → 35
  • Small Wall, Medium Wall & Fortified Wall
    • Stone cost 5 → 3
    • Wood cost 0 → 2
  • Small wall hit points 200 → 125
  • Axemen and Clubmen bonus damage changed from vs mounted units to vs Scouts only
  • Shang team bonus: Town Centers provide +4 population room → Military buildings provide +2 population room

Well I have a kind of feeling that update which will bring 4 original aoe1 campaigns to RoR will also bring some balance changes and who knows maybe some upgrades to some tool and bronze age units.


‘Return of Rome’ launch update.
‘Return of Rome’ hotfix #1.
‘Return of Rome’ hotfix #2.
‘Return of Rome’ latest update.

I don’t say this to be snarky but RoR isn’t an expansion, it’s a cost cutting measure. It’s so they can stop supporting AOE1 but say they’re supporting RoR but all the work is on the shared/aoe2 stuff.

I doubt you’ll see much attention to RoR.

And I don’t think it’s FE trying to make buckets of money. AOE DE didn’t sell well and Microsoft wants to cut their losses.

I’d love to be wrong tho.

Im almost certain this was always a thing just not shown on the stat sheet

Didn’t they already stop supporting AoE1 years ago?