[ROR] Ported campaings

Would be cool to know if:

  1. Ported campaigns will be an 1:1 port
  2. Will be a reworked and remastered with voice and triggers

Either options I’m happy, but if the option is 1, I would like them to have them all, although I don’t mind waiting for them.

New campaigns packs could pay the remaster of campaigns, if money is a problem.

  1. Somewhere in between

So using the old intro and outro texts and voice overs and keep most of the structure of the missions but add a few events and maybe a few voice lines to them.

So not as fancy as AoE2 campaigns but also not just throw you in there with a goal and nothing else.

I hope that Glory of Greece Troy scenario has voiced part because that could be really cool if heroes taunt each other there.

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