RoR - Trajan campaing was designed for co-op?

This campaign feels so weird, you play every level alongside Hadrian and he is always given a full fledged “slot” on the map as if he was meant to be controlled by someone, it’d certainly be a waste if this wasn’t turned into a co-op campaign, it could be so fun.

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Hope they release a co-op version on the national day next week hehe. (Italy, 2 June)

Maybe they have in mind to make it co-op at some point, or that it is a reference to Hadrian being Trajan’s successor…

Well on June 2 they are going to launch the original campaigns in the game…

We will be officially bringing the Ascent of Egypt tutorial campaign, plus three AoE campaigns to Return of Rome , including The First Punic War campaign. These campaigns will launch in future updates to Return of Rome , similar to our Co-Op Campaign content rollout. More details about their release will be available soon.

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