Roundtable Discussion with Hera, RoxyC, Survivalist, Vaurion (Live on Twitch on Thursday - Leave Questions Below)

I’m doing a new experimental format with a roundtable discussion about AoE. Please leave questions and topic ideas for us to discuss.

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Who are all these players? I know Hera as one of the best players. I have seen some guides on youtube from Survivalist (pretty good ones i have to say), but who are the other twos?! Do i have to know them both as well?

You do not have to know them.

Roxy is a good friend of Hera who streams too, and I don’t know Vaurion too much but I think he decided to start streaming too after hanging on LilTrouble’s discord or something like that.

Vaurion’s strategy is to attach himself to bigger fish and eat their crumbs

You do not have to reply.

Pretty sure that was the first question in the thread. Get him answers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is the current balance / meta close to perfection or is there still room for bigger buffs/nerfs for certain civs/units?

With the new expansion - Dawn of the Dukes coming up, do they think new civs can fit into the game balance since we already have 37 and a lot pf players are still not happy with last 2 - Burgandians & Sicilians?

It feels like you read my post as it is written with a bad attitude. It isnt meant that way. I am just curious about the unknown players for me. Maybe you can put a small introduction (even just 1-2 lines is enough) about the lesser know (at least for me) guests?

Or maybe i can rewatch the roundtable discussion somewhere, since it probably started with a small introduction of each player (?).