Royal dragoon attack delay is atrocious

I am wondering if France can replace its dragoon with Royal Dragoon obtained from the « Ancien Régime » HC card. This unit looks very nice, and it can benefit fron numerous HC cards, including savage warfare, which also upgrade skirmisher hitpoints. The real drawback of this unit is, to my eyes, the time it takes to fire when ordered to. It is quite atrocious really, and it is similar to the time it takes for a longbowman to fire (note that i don’t talk about the rof, which is 2,75 and faster than most gunpowder unit, but the time it takes to fire when clicking an enemy unit). It is very difficult to micro with it, even with it’s higher range. And dragoon units are a micro-heavy unit.

I wonder if it would be correct to reduce the frame/attack delay (even at the cost of range)


This unit is fine as it is. It also has a very strong melee attack. Reducing its attack animation will be like putting this unit on ######### like the current hakkapelit.

I think the attack delay is exactly how to balance this unit. Making it strong but also giving it kiting ability is a bad mistake.

Edit: I said “stair-oyds” and it got censored.


the problem is that skirm/goon composition is all about kiting. The 18 range is nice, but if you cancel the animation, it is just ackward to micro. The frame delay for longbow is okay, because you have huge range and don’t need to micro that much. The damage of royal dragoon is already eay lower than dragoon, and the higher rof don’t help that much. There is not a lot of advantage to opt for royal dragoon instead of regular dragoon right now for the french in 1v1 and 2v2 : ackward to micro, train limit of 20…

Ye but this dragoon can stand in as a hussar. Its a special unit which can be very deadly against skirmishers.

The current hakkapelit is bad because it can kite, and is good against skirms in melee.

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