Royal Guard Amongus(Civs with very strong units that arent Royal Guards)

Lets face it.
The best European Mortar in the whole game is Portugal as well as Russia’s Unicornes

The best Grenadier in the game with high HP and base is British as well as Splash damage.

They are in the Tier of Royal Guards and are amazing at their Roles.
So i have an idea. That will change them visually and namingly(Yes i just invented that word). If and only if they send the cards. 1 or all of the ones mentioned below

For Portugal
If they send.
imageand image
The Mortar will be renamed as Grandioso Mortar as the Guard upgrade and Imperial Grandioso and will get a tiny uniform change. (For historical context i dont know if Portugal held their 18th century artillery divisions in high regard so i dont know but Visuals imply a sense strength and intimidation. )

For British
If they send

It can be 3 of the 5 cards above.
The Grenadiers will be renamed to the Palace Grenadiers and Imperial Palace Grenadiers. With a small visual change that mimics the Red Coat’s 18th Century Napoleonic outfit. (For historical context. They were pretty elite during the Napoleonic wars and yes they did look like budget Giant grenadiers. However they were still badass)

For Russia


If they send this amazing card. That halves the cost of Mortars. Guard upgrade of Mortars will be called Unicorne and for Imperial will be called Imperial Unicorne. They get an iconic hat or put the Empire of Russia’s symbol in the mortar itself. Visuals on this unit will be amazing. As not only are they Cheap as hell but also have the Drip to back it up. (historical context…Same case with Portugal)