Royal Rumble Mode is Broken

Hey team,

Regicide/Royal Rumble is one of my favourite game modes and I was so excited to see it coming back in the PUP. Unfortunately, in its current state it’s not playable/enjoyable.

The AI treats the King like an attacking unit/troop and charges straight at your walls/army with the King in tow. 9 times out of 10 I find out that the enemy AI has been wiped out because their King has led an army at my towers. I’ve also encountered issues of the AI Kings wandering around the map like a scout, however much slower and no sheep in tow. These issues obviously mean that the game frequently ends before you can get even 20 minutes into a match as AI are wiping each other out or throwing their King at your towers.

It would be great if that could be fixed and repatched sooner so that we can test the game mode fairly and give feedback on how the actual game mode functions.

Beyond that, it would also be nice to have some inclusivity and be able to select between a King or a Queen. Obviously no functional difference there, but would be nice to have the choice, especially for if you have several players on the same civilisation.



Thank you for the feedback @LordZash. The team is looking into this.

The King/Queen suggestion is great! Agreed!


Amazing, thank you @SavageEmpire566 ! Can’t wait to play it properly!


the team did not look into this. exact same problem 22 days later after actual release. unplayable mode.


We’re working on it…improvements are on-going. AI is a larger ask that will take some time, but there should be some quicker changes coming regarding things like deleting or converting the King.

Still no solution to this problem. This mode vs AI is unplayable

Thanks @gabryidle! We’re aware. To be honest, this one is pretty low on the list. It’s not something I would expect to be in the next update.

Oh. Sorry to hear that. :pensive:

how is this not fixed 6 months later? I just purchased the game purely for this mode and I deliberately purchased it this far after the release to make sure i avoided any bugs. this is shocking!!!

I know the team said it was ongoing, but was a lower priority according to the requirements of the game and reconfiguring AI etc. Not sure where it’s at though.

@SavageEmpire566 any chance there’s any update on where the fix for Royal Rumble is?

Unfortunately, the info on this one hasn’t changed at all.

We are more then a year later. When can we expect a fix for this? @SavageEmpire566