RTS Helper - Dynamic Build Order Reader


After many months of hard work, I finished the RTS Helper app and I want to share it with you. It’s a dynamic build order reader that lets you to follow your Age of Empires II build orders in real time as you play. Since it’s an external app and not a mod, you can use it in any game.

Release video: RTS Helper Release! - YouTube (in the video it covers the minimap for demostration purpouses, but when using it, it doesn’t cover it)
Download: RTS Helper - Vixark

It works very simply: Edit a txt file with your build order (or choose one of the included build orders), start the game and it’ll show you a different set of instructions each time a new villager is created. It uses an easy to learn HTML-like markup code for the build orders, so you can make them and share them easily.

I included some build orders with this first public release, but it’ll include more build orders. It has autoupdate, so if you install it now, it’ll download future build orders when they come out.

I created the included build orders and they are mainly for players around 1000 ELO and lower (I’m around 1000 ELO myself). But I’m looking for very good players (more than 1500 ELO) that may be interested in helping me to add more advanced build orders to include in the package. If any for you is interested, let me know. If you have a Twitch or Youtube, this could help you for increasing your suscriptions.

Please let me know what you think about it and I hope you enjoy it!


Hello all, I wanted to tell you that now RTS Helper includes Hera’s Build Orders. You can download it here RTS Helper - Vixark. I also set up a discord server for it, if you are interested in learning about this tool or sharing build orders, join here: RTS Helper


Hello all,

Today I released the 1.6 version of RTS Helper.

In addition to Hera’s already included build orders, recently I contacted Survivalist and he was very kind to allow me to add his Portuguese build orders to RTS Helper.

I also made other important changes that allows you to edit easily build order’s code, see the release video here: RTS Helper 1.6 Release - YouTube