Rumor: Aoe3 DE plan to release at mid-2020

" 1. Age Of Empires IV is currently aiming a 2021 release. It’s been in active development for about 3 years. The Age Of Empires 3 remake is currently planned for mid-2020. "



Wow enough time for me to get $2000 gaming PC nice lol


I hope so! Hope they add new civs


They have struggled to release the other 2 DE’s at quality 1 was delayed, this one is an entirely different beast in an entirely new engine.
Then again, IIRC the initial plan would have involved releasing a DE each year and following up with IV, which would mean AOE IV in 2020. If that’s true, both studios are about 1 year behind, welcome to game development.
I hope they pull it off, hats off to FE!

Wait for them to reveal the system requirements.

I hope its right before summer starts!

AoE3:DE is mainly developed by Tantalus Media.


:open_mouth: lol that explains how they could push it out so soon.
Going down their wikipage, They seem to have a really nice pedigree of ports: Cities skylines, Twilight Princess HD, Sonic Mania to name a few.

wasn’t surprising considering the last time FE touched a Bang engine game (AOM) it didn’t exactly go that well.

also FE was mostly founded by amatures (not meant in a mean way but it is the reality) who learned the gini(?) engine by heart modding it. there wasn’t a lot to get wrong and they already largely had a working product for HD when microsoft picked them up. for AOE 3 they needed people who are slightly more capable of things like 3d modelling etc. therefor it had to be a “real” studio.

That good or bad? I havent heard of them or have I and i don’t realize it?

they mostly do ports from PC to console, the good thing is that they are professional rather than FE which is largely self educated fans.

the bad thing about it is that it likely isn’t as much of a game of passion and that support might be largely dropped after the game is shipped.


That would stink. I was hoping they would support it like AOE2 DE is being supported.

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dang, you mean that my intel hd 620 might not suffice?

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I think the launch is too fast.

Mid 2020 should be possible. Look aoe2de … they had 4 month beta time, and then they got released.
We sturtet with beta, so June could be possible…

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I expect Age of Empires III DE to be released this fall


I expect Age of Empires III DE to be released this summer!

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Might drop around E3?