Running Benchmark crashes to desktop

Platform (Steam)

I edited my settings and tried to run a “ranked benchmark”, it would load the splashcreen for a second and then crash to desktop with no error message or anything.

Game crashes when I try to play anything. It is completely non-functional.

On the off chance a match does load, it looks like this:


GTX 1070


Have you followed these steps yet?

Yes, this is a generic catchall that isn’t relevant to the issue, which is, they released a game that doesn’t work on modern hardware.

Plenty of people with modern and high-end hardware are running the game, including me.

If you want, send me your dxdiag in private on discord so I can assist you better.

Discord: kibe#7610

There’s noting in there that could diagnose an issue, because it isn’t on my end. They literally say there are issues with modern hardware and they are “looking into it”


You can also try this to see if it makes any difference:

Doubt it. Finally was able to load a match without a crash and it looks like this? WTF is going on?

Are you using the UHD Pack?

Are you in the latest GPU driver? Could also be high RAM usage.

Yes and drivers are the latest.

I’ll check RAM usage but I doubt it’s high, since nothing else on my machine feels slow

Edit: As expected, RAM isn’t showing significant spikes in task manager. Nor are other games having issues that I own.

I see this topic is kind of abandoned by now but I wanted to check in anyway.

I had a similar problem but I would argue that in my case that it was in fact RAM related. The issue seems to be that AoE2:DE currently consumes a lot of RAM until there is non left for some people. While waiting for a fix from the devs there are some temporary fixes you can look into if you find that it is in fact the RAM that you struggle with too. You can find more info about this issue and how to temporarily fix it on an older thread here: [Bug] Kotyan Khan Campaign mission 2 Crash

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