Running process intervering

I was quite excited when I bought AoE DE.
But after two days my excitement turned into utter frustration.
First of all and slightly off topic, Microsoft Store can’t compete with Steam on any terrain.
But when it comes to the game, I haven’t been able to play it at all!
It shuts down after two minutes or so because there is a running process intervering…
That there is a Software issue within, is clear when you browse for this problem: many many people have it.
But for my particular case, there seems to be no solution.
It is not my antivirus program blocking anything, so what can it be?

Please help!

You have an error message or it’s the game just closing ? It’s always 2 minutes precisely or random ?

How do you know it’s another process interfering ?

You can look after any error messages in eventvwr in Microsoft / Windows / Store folder.

I’m also interested because I still didn’t solve a similar problem on LAN play on other computers.

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If you disable the antivirus from the settings its low level functions will still block your game.

the only way to be 100% sure is to deinstall he antivirus, restart the pc and see if the game works now.

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