Runs slow unplayable

I have been playing AofE def ed 2 for about a month with no problems. I play single player campaigns. Last weekend i tried to play next European campaign and the play was so slow. maybe 3 or 4 fps. It took ages to load and when it did it was unplayable. I have now spent 5 days trying to fix it with no use at all. I have updated graphic driver, disabled “gamemode” in windows, uninstalled and installed steam and the game several times, tried playing it x 4 and x8 speed, and many more so called fixes. none have had any effect, I went back to play pevious games and they run the same slowness.
I can play AofE Def ed 1 with no problems.
When I right click the mouse in game mode the red cross that usually appears as to where i want to send things is delayed on screen and only a vague outline. Im not sure if this is relevant. I am going to stop trying to resolve this issue as nothing i try helps which is a shame as i like the game.

Sounds like some sort of technical issue. I’d repost this issue in the bug section but make sure to follow the guidelines on how to post there (like including game version, etc.)

That way the right people (devs) see this post and could help