Rus' Campaign ideas

I think a good campaign to have would be that of St. Vladimir the Great.

This would start off with Vladimir seeking refugee in Norway with Haakon (his uncle) and forming an army with him to retake rulership over the Kievan Rus’ from his brother.

The next campaign scenarios would be putting down uprisings and defeating raids from Baltics (represented by lithuanians) and Bulgarians, Khazars as well as others.

Third level will be about Vladimir assisting the Byzantine Emperor Basil II in putting down rebellion.

Fourth level would be attacking Byzantines (for not fulfilling the marriage of Anna)

Fifth level will be the Christianization of the Rus’ (initial promise was fulfilled). You would conquer the pagans who did not willingly convert by destroying their temples, capturing relics and building monasteries in each conquered village.

Sixth: attacks the Croats

How GREAT is this


Cool idea for a campaign.


Yes very good potential Campaign!

As far as I can tell - I am not an expert in eastern European history -, this sounds like a good choice historically and offers more than enough story material.
Gameplay-wise, I love very versatile civ compositions in campaigns, and this suggestion has it as well. Plus, Slavs definitely deserve an own campaign. So, yes, great idea.

Better description of each level, hopefully this helps OP’s post:

Level One: (976-980)

Vladimir starts in Norway, 976, and with Haakon Sigurdsson they reclaim Novgorod from Yaropolk. However this is a short-lived victory, and Yaropolk overwhelms Vladimir after a period of time and recaptures Novgorod. Vladimir is then given land by Haakon in “Norway” and builds up his forces there, to attack once again, and capture Novgorod, Kiev, Rovno (played by Yaropolk AI, Slavs), Polotsk (Rogvolod, Slavs) and Smolensk (Smolensk, Slavs). Played as Slavs (Haakon plays as Vikings). berserkers and longboats will be gifted to you periodically. Nordic axeman is a trainable unit. No churches can be built, just shrines.

Level Two: (981-985)
In this level, Vladimir attacks Poland, taking the important cities of Peremyshl and Cherven (Poland, Poles) . He also needs to fight off Yatvingian rebels (Yatvingians, Lithuanians) and Vyatichi uprising (Vyatichi, or, Rebels, Slavs. One or two small villages will make hostile units.). Finally he fights the Bulgarians on the lower volga (Bulgaria, Bulgarians). Bonus objective is to build x number of castles/kreposts (should be a slav building too), to represent the expanding Rus realm (Vladimir also did this). I am unsure if this is too much for one map but if we are fine with long campaign scenarios like the asian ones it sounds fine to me.

Level Three (986-988)
Vladimir attacks the Byzantine city of Khersones. After this, he agrees to leave and help Basil II put down a massive rebellion, in exchange to marry his sister Anna and becoming Christian. Vladimir must then fight Bardas Skleros (Rebels, Byzantines, x color) and Bardas Phokas (Rebels, Byzantines, y color) (or lift the siege of Nikea and of Abydos). Special unit for Vladimir: Varangian Guardsmen.

Level Four (988-
I cant find anything about what OP wrote, maybe he was confused about the two accounts of Anna’s marriage? So this will be his “fifth”. Goal is to build a wonder that will represent the Cathedral of the Tithes (Slavs do need a new wonder :man_shrugging: ), as well as destroying shrines in numerous cities and building a church in each one to convert the buildings and units to Vladimir.

Level Five (990-
Vladimir campaigns against the “White Croats” (White Croats, Bohemians). I don’t really know the specifics of this campaign.

Level Six (992-
Vladimir must put down a Pecheneg rebellion in Kiev. I think this could be an interesting map design, fighting street to street through a city to finish.

I hope this helps :smile:
I might do some suggestions for other civs, Byzantines, Magyars, Vikings.