Rus - High Trade House not receiving +400% Gold Value compared to Hunting Cabin [Season 2 Update 17718]

For the Rus, it looks like the High Trade House changed from +200% to +400% Gold Value compared to Hunting Cabins according to the Tooltip.

Testing in-game, though, it was still receiving the old +200% Gold Value.

Curiously, this change was not listed in the Season 2 Update 17718 patch notes.

Was this buff and tooltip change not supposed to go live yet? So either the wrong Tooltip was pushed in the update, or the Tooltip is right and the +400% Gold Value change did not make it.

Build: 5.0.17718.0

Last I heard it was supposed to be +200%, but to be honest I don’t know what it is currently supposed to be. We’ll check into it!

Thank you for reporting!