Rus Horse Archer attack speed is 1.5 not 2s

Rus Horse Archer attack speed is 1.5 not 2s haha - YouTube

Explain why they are so op.


Hopefully this is fixed next week. Horse Archers + Scouts are dominating the game atm, especially since Professional Scouts is the new way to play for pretty much everyone.

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Yes, it is indeed bugged. Tested it myself.

Don’t get your hopes up. Patch notes are already online.

No dev tracking that bug? Horse archer is so OP now. Should be 2s attack speed


This bug should be fixed as soon as possible


Aware; working on it.

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FYI, Khan and Mangudai attack speed also quicker than the stat when stationary.

I assume could be a hiding bonus for stationary horse archer to shoot quicker. While Rus Horse Archer can only shoot stationary. (Camel Archer not included)