Rus hunting cabins 0 cabin 833gold/min income BUG!!

I am a chinese player,my Englishi is not very well.I hope you do not mind
first build a hunting cabins,we can see the income is 14/minute

then bulid another hunting cabins next the old one。the new hunting cabins should become 0/minute.but the income become 28/minute.

delete the two hunting cabins.we can see the income is not disappear。which is Terrible bug.

use this bug you can have 833gold/minute income,and even if you opponent destroy you all hunting cabins the income will not disappear.


I hope you guys can understand.Correct me if I had the error


Just tried this. It works. ROFLMAO.

Here is me with +499 gold income… I have 1 cabin.


great hope devs fix this quickly

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What is with the Rus and their weird bugs involving game breaking gold duplication.

It’s amazing to find this bug… I hope devs can correct this bug…

so now we need a hotfix fast.

Well, this bug is even better than the building HP upgrade and cancellation bug, because that one is in later ages :smiley: On the other hand, that bug gives 4 resources instead of 1 :D.

I think it’s time to play against AI only until the hotfix will arrive. How should we know if someone will use the exploit or not? Actually, it’s not a problem for me, but if the patch will fix it only 1 month later from now, around Christmas then I think even the unranked MMR system should be reset.


Is this bug real? As this can be explored in age 1 itself. It feels like we are playing beta

No this is way worse because you have to actually spend 100wood to get this and if youre spamming it early game you auto lose

Thanks, everyone. This is on our radar and we’re tracking.


ROFL omfg the number of game breaking bugs…

i feel really bad for the devs now, clearly they were rushed a little much to make the deadline. hoping the game breaking stuff can be resolved ASAP