[Rus] Increasing hunted meat resources on the map

Rus is originally designed to be the master of map resources, occupying wild land and protecting its map resources using the fortified palisade. However it seems unneccessary to occupy a broad space for Rus now.

Ability of carry wild animals and inconsiderable gold income brought by hunting cabin allows Rus to stay within a limited place and try its best to quickly get into ageIII for relics. This process for Rus is not week but Rus just can’t live without an early ageIII. Excessively long time in ageII is not accepted by Rus because the hunted meat will soon get exhausted even if you have carried two or more flocks of deers. It sounds great that Rus can get more from wild resources (more meat from hunted animals; more wood when there is wooden fortress; more gold after kill animals and from hunting cabin), but the small amount of hunted resourced just not deserve the investment of expanding, which finally leaves Rus with a single way of playing, living on the economy brought by landmarks.

[We need boars!!!] The former nerfing of carry wild animals was reasonable but it didn’t compensate Rus in another way. Even Rus has given up ungrading professional scouts. The hunted resources is too little in 1v1 map that investment on hunted meat can’t get much benefit. I suggest increasing the meat offered by boar from 2000 to 3000 (more than that of a flock of deer) and doubling the number or boars in the map. Also I think it’s better to be able to carry dead boar. Each time the scout can only take away no more than 1000 meat or lower from the carcass in a single time.

[Making it easier to carry wild animals] The sophisticated players still have the choice of carrying wild animals, but for new beginners or players focusing on battling, trivial operation on carrying wild animals in safe areas is definitly meaningless. I suggest adding two buttons to scouts. One that can be turned on to allow scouts to automatically search for wild animal around in their spare time and then send it to the rally point and come back to the space they begin to search. Another one is setting rally point for carrying wild animals.

[Balancing Abbey of the Trinity and High Trade House]. The hunted meat offered by High Trade House is too little. It can just support few villagers to collect meat. More players is willing to choose Abbey of the Trinity, which I thick is not a good phenomenon.

Good wishes to AOE4!

Powerful landmarks on economy and fixed process in the early game (no water) make Rus least interesting in my mind. It is just not played in ways that I wish to be.