Rus is OP, but Rus is FUN!

Regularly I tend to create one thread or the next about BALANCE THIS, or BALANCE THAT (typically about Delhi please buff…)

BUT TODAY! Let’s revisit the OP-ness of the Rus! The Kremlin Rus build has no weak points plus the fact that Rus Dark Age is extremely extremely rewarding. Typical Rus nowadays easily goes feudal into 2nd TC with great impunity! The current design is TOO perfect and does NOT allow for proper RTS play. HOWEVER, the issue really is the current design is EXCEPTIONALLY FUN!!

From low to max level, people love the bounti gathering system, heck there is a popular fan created song based of it! Likewise the simplicity behind the Kremlin into 2nd TC has a low skill requirement which invites more and more players to enjoy it—kinda like English (but super strong across all ranks).

So what are we to do to balance the faction WITHOUT sapping all the FUN out of the gameplay design? In previous threads I asked the GOLDEN GATE be buffed and bounti generation be nerfed across the board? But maybe that’s too drastic. So now I’ll suggest we remove the 100 starting gold. And keep all the mini- gaming the community loves!

How would you guys/gals adjust this faction if at all, to keep it FUN, but make it BALANCED?

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I think the Golden Gate is a very strong landmark they could get +25 resources each trade ticket making the 2nd tc easier to do without collecting 50 stone. Removing the starting gold for the Rus sounds like a good idea they have so many ways to generate gold in the dark age they can easily age up without having a villager on gold.
I don’t really play the Rus they are too micro intensive for me.

Golden Gate was considered one of if not the best landmark in the game before Kremlin buff, so I don’t think it needs a buff. Honestly I think first let’s see how they do after this most recent patch, and if it’s still too strong Kremlin should get small nerfs until people start picking GG again. Then if Rus are too weak we can start buffing other things.

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Golden gate was considered “good” in comparison to the alternative which at the time was a 5k hp tower with 20 tiles LOS and the standard wood gathering buff. And Golden got indirectly NERFED with the TC cost adjustment since you can no longer afford the stone needed for a 2nd TC with 2 tickets; 2 tickets that would be readily available after reaching feudal.

In the past tournament that concluded last weekend; the BEST PLAYERS IN THE WORLD, unanimously BANNED Rus and Mongols (and that includes the minor Rus patch changes )? I rhink it’s safe to assume what the pros thing of Rus still? And we have the forums and (and alike) to help substantiate the less than pro opinions.

So what i hope to understand is who does NOT thing Rus is broken and why not?

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