Rus Mastery Frontier Trading not registering

This is the one that reads “Use Golden Gate Landmark to make 5 trades in Feudal Age”

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I have tried several times against the AI and have not received credit. I didn’t have any problems completing the preceding ones against the AI, so I am not sure what I could be doing wrong.


It is the same for me. Unable to complete this mastery. Tried 3 times now.

Ditto, I’ve tried different maps, 1v1, 2v2, AI, humans, difficulties etc

Hey there, out of curiosity are you trying to complete these from a saved game?

I am having the same issue.
One try was from a saved game the others were from the start and it tried with AI and huma opponents.

I finally got it to unlock - looks like you have to buy AND sell goods - at least that’s how it did it for me. 5 buys, 5 sells.


Thanks! That worked for me as well


i have tried something like 20 buys and 20 sells but still nothing. :frowning:


This Worked for me… thanks.

Not working for me either. Even with 5 buys and sells. I’ve done well over 15 of each and still nothing… driving me crazy…

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Replying to upvote as it is happening to me too.

Добрый день!
На днях выполнил это мастерство. Суть в чем, надо построить Золотые ворота и там совершить 5 сделок (купив, продав, лучше сделать больше, штук 15 (чтобы не волноваться), перезарядка длится 1 минуту) до перехода в замковую эпоху. Чтобы мастерство засчиталось (как и все другие задания мастерства), нужно победить в игре, выполнив одно из основных заданий боя.

Oh wow, that’s really not clear!! Thanks so much!
Maybe one day, I’ll build one in purple, by choice. :unamused:

same for me

pile of garbage is so frustrating… and stoopid reddit keeps telling me its my fault, only to find out others are having the same problem

wil try the work around thanks!

so far hasnt worked for me… although i bought 5 of 1 res and sold 5 of another res

I can confirm the mastery did not work with 5 trades. For me it did work with 5 sells AND 5 buys.

Not working for me either mate. Investing so many hours into this lol, the time that could be otherwise spent laddering on 1v1.

How did you do it? Trading different resources each time?