Rus Scout buff

so after a few weeks the rus went from Tier S to Tier B (and even C according to some pro players), the main reason being that people are figuring out how to counter them and game in general are shorter so is harder for the Rus to reach the imperial age where they shine.

The Rus are encourage to make Scout in order to get going their bounty mechanic, but that means a food and pop investment in order to get their eco bonus (a lot of civs have eco bonus straight from the start or for a cheap cost) and they are basically useless in the Feudal Age.

my idea is: what if Rus scouts get bonuses according to their bounty? like:

  • +1 damage +1/1 defence and +10Hp every 100 bounty
  • +2 damage +1/1 defence and +20Hp every 150 bouty,

or maybe tying the buffs to the the bounty trashold like:

  • 150 bounty: +1 damage +1/1 defence and +10Hp
  • 250 bounty: +2 damage +1/1 defence and +20Hp
  • 500 bounty: +4 damage +2/2 defence and +40Hp (and maybe some passive bonus)

i don’t think it would be too OP since you would end up with a weaker but cheaper horsemen but it would give them a nice transition from age 1 to age 2

The Professional Scout used to be much cheaper but I think due to the deer stealing potential that was demonstrated in the show match, the devs decide to increase the tech cost making it a harder investment