Rus Warrior Monks infinite relic creation

So I was in a match yesterday with a guy that showed me quite a big bug IMO, he built like 10 monasterys and created 20 warrior monks, and I was hearing the relic sound constantly, I counted the number of relics that we had on the map it was around 7 or 8, but this guy had 5 monasterys with 20 relics, I thought that without a doubt its a bug, but I didnt know how it worked, so me and a friend got up in a custom match with only us 2 and he built the same thing as the guy who did this thing. Needless to say you only need 1 relic, that you get to a monastery and then you select all your warrior monks, click on the monastery that has relics in it and all the warrior monks will receive a relic, and the monastery will most likely have -something relics in it. Its quite a bad bug since if you do it its like 16kgold/min only from monastery. Sorry if my english is bad or this was too long

It’s a well known bug, and I hope everyone who uses it will get a lifetime ban.

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Thanks, all! We’re aware and working on a fix. Appreciate the report!