Rus water upgrades, conversion bugs

Constructing a transport ship: 100w
Converting a transport ship to trade ships: 100w 100g
Constructing a trade ship: 300w 100g
So overall, converting a transport ship to a trade ship costs 100w less than simply constructing a trade ship

Similarly, converting a demolition ship or an attack ship to a trade ship costs 100w less and converting a fishing boat to a trade ship costs 75w less than constructing a trade ship.

Link to waddling duck’s video that also covers bugs with upgrades: AoE4 - Lodya Ship Guide - Strongest Naval/Water Unit - YouTube
After getting the armored hull upgrade, newly constructed attack ships seem to get a 1.5x bonus HP multiplier. This bonus HP transfers when an attack ship converts to another type of ship.

Also, when converting a ship to an attack ship, blacksmith upgrades, armored hull upgrade, and incendiary arrows upgrade do not affect the converted attack ship.


Hello? Is this something that is already being taken care of?

Thank you for the report @ShyWinter1! We are working on it :slightly_smiling_face:.