Rus' Wooden Fortress Bug

I noticed on the mission Great Stand on the Ulga River in the Rus campaign, that having several Wooden Fortresses gives me a bug. Either the bug happens when there are too many towers, or if they have shot too many arrows, but having been filled with archers, eventually the wooden fortresses will just cease firing… nearly all of my wooden fortresses are dead in the water by half way through the mission, and my defenses are rendered useless.

I noticed the same issue. I typically play skirmishes against the AI. When I play as Rus, I discovered that if I put two or more Wooden Fortresses next to each other, they stop working – The Springald and arrow slit don’t fire and any units posted in the Fortress don’t fire. I discovered they need to be spaced out a few tiles (I’m still trying to figure out how far apart). I don’t see the same issue with outposts (English, Chinese, HRE). Maybe it’s an undocumented limitation of Fortresses.

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Thank you both! We haven’t been easily able to repro this one, but we are looking into it. Appreciate the new information @Packadayhabit.