Rushes vs Sacred Sites

Have the devs ever really explained why they decided that Sacred Site victories should be weakened as much as they were? They clearly have no qualms about rushing the enemy base in Age 2, which I personally find super distasteful.

I’d like to be able to play an RTS game for more than ten minutes. Maybe it’s my own fault for liking a civ whose early game power has all but evaporated through various nerfs (not saying some weren’t warranted, just saying that maybe they’re a bit too harsh overall).

I miss being able to actually win through Sacred Victories is all I’m saying. And the one time I came close, my opponent forfeited but by that point, it was already deep into Age 3 and I had the military advantage anyway…

This is a problem in alot of games. Most people these days want fast games.

That’s why the chinese mobile version of the game is so popular there.

While some want a game to last , to use more than age2 has to offer, people tent to try and finish fast to include more games in the time they have at their disposal.

Plus most civs that shine on age3 + are at a disadvantage on this rush meta.

Even in watching tournaments , where games tend to last more than 20-25min on average people complain that it’s hard to watch a game for more than 30min. Although the games tend to get ineresting.


I figure that’s the case. I feel like that in other game types, but the difference is that RTS has a build up to it. MOBAs and FPS you just go into them and start playing them right away, with the former typically just building items and the latter just building score.

RTS is a lot more in-depth and I can appreciate games not going for 2 hours but I just think that 15 minute games feel terrible to play. Early Sacred Sites forced opponents to deal with it instead of rushing directly to the base (which also gave early warning as to what was coming for you). I get that only Dehli could do it, but maybe it would’ve been better to offer this to civs with poor early game instead of just removing it.

Lot’s of games end in sacred site victories. Just watch the tournament.

So just high levels then?

No, I win with it too from time to time, and I’m only plat

Oh okay. I’m Silver and what always happens is that everyone I play against rushes me, so I don’t have time to focus on the Sacred Sites. Since they go all in on Age 2, if I can hold out by Age 3, I usually can muster a better army than them and win, otherwise I lose.

So… yeah, no point in going for sacred sites when my army can just beat them.

You’ll get better at defending rushes after some practice. Can’t blame the game if you’re simply not good enough.

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