Rushing is dead, get rid of Commerce age and save us time

Ever since the start of DE the meta has slowly shifted towards turtling. Walling off was something unheard of before, but then it became a thing. Even in pro games. I don’t think the recent additions to the game had much to do with the shift in meta.


Uhm, walls got nerfed hard on EP/DE. Hitpoints of unupgraded walls got literally halved.


Are you implying the bastion upgrade is expensive and difficult to get?

I called it months ago.

FF and semi-FF have always been the meta and it boggled me that the devs decided to buff that even further with every patch.

Basically whatever you are doing, being a rush or a steady advancement…you are instantaneously in drawback position.


compared to before massively, it used to be available in age 2 and also doesn’t increase the build time of walls. 1k resources is also nothing to scoff at


The nerf in build time came much later. After I and several others lobbied for much harsher nerfs.

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I mean we should probably count from release, the beta had so much more weird stuff in it.

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What I am saying is that the devs have been slowly nerfing turtles but the meta went towards it anyway, this means the players like it to FF and FI, despite the devs trying to temper it. This is probably because players likely want to use the full variety of units in this game and not just muskets, bows and pikes.

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Yeah if the game goes how the devs wanted it would be very different.

I would say the meta its a bit back and forth looking back there was a period where it was nothing but early timing and rushes with all those 12/10 and 10/10, hausa rushes, ethiopian age 2 timings, lakota club rushes and that time when aztec rush became busted for a hot second. There was a period I feel like no matter what they tried people just keep making rush builds. Heck even the china rework resulted in a pretty deadly age 2 german consulate pike bow spam. and of course Inca.

Then there was the other periods where late game (FI) builds became the hot thing, particularly when swedes were still op. Now we are sort of back there again partly due to the reworks

edit: also spain logistician age 2, boy when that was meta it broke a few tourneys


It’s probably down to other things too like in DE there are more hunts and reliable spawns of hunts and mines in base, you can afford to stay in base until at least age 3 and then slowly expand your walls and town centres to secure more resources. It’s better in my opinion, I don’t particularly enjoy winning games in 6 minutes.


What are you talking about?

The devs have been actively buffing FF and FI

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TC wagon cards removed from a lot of civs, building hp moved to age 4, town militia nerfed, xp from building town centres nerfed. How exactly have they buffed turtling?


Exacto, tortugear no esta para nada beneficiado, siempre fue mejor beneficiado el rush y cuando los que hacen rush se encuentran con una defenza que no pueden pasar lo consideran roto

FF and FI are not turtling though. the naked ver of those strats you often have no defenses and even slower ones you don’t even wall.

Many patches ago fort HP and xp build bounty was buffed considerably iirc.

Because nobody ever sent the fort at high level though right?


When did I ever mention turtling? Or said that FF= turtle ???

I’m talking about buffing FF and FI. I’m not talking about nerfing turtle strategies.

They buffed FF much bigger than they nerfed turtle strategies (and even so they even created Mexico and Malta).

Maybe it’s a good thing forts were seldomly used🤷‍♂️

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I don’t think so, it’s good to encourage all styles of play. Previously the game was dominated by semi-ff into 2 falcs or rushing. The fort can at least enable players to play a more defensive style and stop a 2 falc push.


my bad you were replying to a comment about nerfing turtles

I do think though they havent really touch any FF strats , maybe besides china.

They have mostly nerfed agressive age 2 play, which makes FF dominant