Russia is fun

I just wanna say that from a treaty perspective. Regardless if you play Russia well or not. It is one of the most fun and flexible civs i have been playing lately. I can list so many recent changes that make them strong. They are great right now. Maybe Supremacy people have mixed feelings but to me its already amazing.

Only thing i wonder is if Counter Dragoons can shadow tech soon. But Russia doesnt need that. Do you guys agree that Russia should not be given additional upgrades like me(treaty perspective)?

Extra pop and wood crates werent needed. They could spam strelets before while extra pop for a instant units civ makes no sense.

Everything else seems fine

basically it became China’s Rival Both have above 200 pop, Cab argue with Hauden dance, But I dont think i like how nat civs work

The Russia of this patch does not need additional improvements. In my opinion, it is currently one of the strongest civilizations in treaty. But if they decide to give Russia more content, so that it has more variety of strategies in treaty (just for fun, since it’s not necessary for functionality), it wouldn’t bother me.