Is it just me or is Russia way too strong after they got buffed?
Their eco is top notch now, multiple Russia players I’ve played against agrees they are OP now… before the buff I could beat Russia around half the time, now they just steam roll me every game. I’m 1500 elo…
Their cheaper batch training villies after the buff are just too strong… please revert this change.

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Do you only play treaty? It was a pretty significant nerf to the early game and only breaks even like 8 minutes into a game.

I don’t play treaty.

It doesn’t feel that much stronger to me.

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The change only saves ~18 villager seconds (at base gather rates) per batch of villagers. That’s at the expense of -100 starting food, -5 population per blockhouse, and having to idle longer to age up. The resources to build another house (assuming you’d build 2 blockhouses) amount to ~320 villager seconds worth all taken away in the early game. To get that back, you need to train almost 18 batches of villagers which will actually take ~15.5 minutes. I see that as a pretty significant nerf so you shouldn’t be having a harder time against them in normal supremacy games.

Edit: If you compound the training time reduction each additional batch is 6 villager seconds better. However this is reset due to idling to age up so it restarts about batch 4. If you include this, your break even is at ~10 batches or almost 9 minutes + age up time which still is quite a long payback period.


Russia in Rush did not improve so they will possibly beat you with a medium game and late game strategy, so you should find out how to counter it. I have approximately the same rating as you, I have seen Russians doing those strategies in the middle game, I even find it easy to beat that, but I have lost with some Russians


They don’t seem any more powerful now then they used too.

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Their early game strelet rush is in fact nerfed, it hits a bit later and many civs get to age up and send their first shipment before that, which is basically a huge nerf to russia early game.

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I agree w you they seem stronger and I’m noticing a pick up in the numbers of players using them. I would often win with a Russian player if the game went long but now I’m noticing this is less often the case.

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Russia are different than they were before. The are much more of a semi ff civ now.

This change is a good example, it’s incentivize the Russian players to go relatively fast to the fortress age to get 3/4 TCs and starting massing a lot of villagers.

But this boom is kind of map/matchup dependent, as it’s needs a lot of hunts and map control. But some maps don’t have good enough hunts to sustain the boom, neither some matchups allows you to have map control, since a lot of civilizations are just faster than Russia. (Example: Aztecs, where you are forced to do in base blockhouse because you lose forward base war)

Another thing that is worth noting: Since the water was nerfed, that water/church card turtle boom was also hit, which is another build that sinergizes well with this cheaper settler batches.

So I don’t know. What are the civilizations that you are playing that you are struggling to beat them?

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Russian eco top notch ? That’s funny.

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Once again we’re struggling with the math on this. The villagers cost less and train faster, leading to a compounding benefit that breaks even after 4-7 batches depending on whether you are also including the pop space nerf. That nerf is tough to include though since it’s mostly felt when going double blockhouse.

The devs did exactly what they intended - nerfed the rush and strengthened the mid and late game.

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They wanted to give the Russians other type of strategies than rushing. All is fine from my point of view. Nothing broken. Just relax and learn to play against them properly


Spain, before the buff I was able to beat Russia fairly often. Now I seem to just get steamrolled every game. Even though their rush may not hit as early, the eco is stronger to sustain the pressure which makes it much harder to keep up with from my experience.

nah bro, i cant beat india on 1v1


If you go FF I dont really think even with better eco Russia can really fight you.

Rod skirm cannon should basically melt any composistion that russia can come up with.

You also have dogs and explorer to tank as well.

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Even if you don’t include the population nerf it’s still 5 batches to get back the removed food. The compounding is reset because of idling to age up so it’s not as powerful as it seems. You pretty much have to factor in 100w for an entire house since you can’t really just add back 5 population space. If you include that it takes 10 batches before you’re ahead which is a long time to claw back resources that were once available at the start of the game.

Sorry for the week of delay on the response.

Well, Spain eco was always worst than the Russian one, and now the gap just got higher.

Spain do have the better units and tempo (Russia may harass Spain a bit if you do a fast fortress build, but that about it). So is one of those matchups that you need to hit hard and strong to secure a advantage.

I honestly did not played a lot of Spain lately, but one thing that I think works nicely against Russia, is the Piroshiki FF with hussars. I will link a Aussie Drongo describing this build in more details:

The reason that this works well, is because is very hard to differentiate a Piroshiki for a normal tower FF if you just hide the church.
And you want to create strelets against normal Spanish FF (Because dogs are quite effective against musketeers, especially the Russian one that have less HP. Strelets can somewhat kite them, as the speed difference is not that drastic), so that’s why is important to age up with the Scout for the 3° age.
The halberdiers + dogs will take care of musketeers and cossacks, and you need the hussars to kill any eventual strelets that the opponent might do it.

Another reason that I am recommending the Piroshiki is because it’s also somewhat works against a all in rush (Providing that you hid the church), because the halberdier pop is super sudden and a lot of times unexpected.
But in case that your opponent is trying to fight on age 2, I would recommend you to send other military shipment beside the 2 falconets (Maybe 5 lancers or 5 hussars), as you may lose falconets to cossacks if you do send them.

I hope this helps.

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