Russian and British need a buff plz

After these previous patchs,Russian and British became the worst and weakest civs.So I want to give some advice about them.My plans are as follows:

About the Russian
As we Know,many guys always meet and know the Russian by its rush strategy.Anyone think the civil is strong barely,especially those rookie s.
But now,I have a plan for Russian.

⑴Gain 6 villager when Russian start,but just owns 400 f(decrease than 500f).
It will provide infinite possibilities to Russian(such as:start by TP,start by market,age with 900f cost,FF…)instead of the not cool “ONLY RUSH CIV”.

⑵The train time of the3 villager can adjust to the 55s(increase than 52s),but cost 250f(decrease by 260f).
This nerf can limit Russian with 15 vills(6+3+3+3) to age early.So other civs can take action to defend.Meanwhile,the Russian offensive will weaken in the later age2 and get some eco advantage in early period.

About the British
I dont think that removing 3 villagers card is a bad adjust.But the devs should give the British some compensations.
British has no 400wood option when aging 2,and it can t fast age flexibly when aging 3 like the ll cause that British cant defend when it face the rush and get more strategy options.
Therefore,British should get 300 food when start (increase by 200f).


I don’t play much British so I only want to talk about Russians. Rather than a few changes of Russians, it’s better to do a rework in my opinion.

Here is the problem that Russians have, you cannot do stuff like other Europeans.
Because of villages’ training, forcing Russians have to rush and make benefits from opponents. From that, Russians can’t go aging like any other civs, and besides even Russians do have “The Exiled Prince” as an aging option. It still costs villages’ training timing while others only waste 2 than 3.

Nevertheless, others could choose different aging options rather than “The Exiled Prince”. Let’s say you really do want to go FF, and you will find out you cannot even train a single musketeer because of bonding training. You need to leave 260f to train 3 villages at first and after that, you may start to train infantry. It duels with another problem, Russian barracks infantry are all age 2 once you go FF you have to upgrade them. unless you only train from stables and artillery foundries which is impossible for Russian economies.

All I was saying are issues I think Russians have, I really want to see Russians could be more fun than every time go rushing other people.


Russian age-3 gameplay is so weak, giving them +2 range shipment available in age 3 is reasonable.