Russian community

The Russian community has been developing very rapidly lately. Will there be any events aimed at developing the community in Russia (cis countries)?

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i don’t know, i’m live in latinoamerica :laughing:

The game about civs all over the world expands all over the world)))))))

What do you mean? All events have translate on russian. All tournamenst access have too. What do you need yet?

PS. I’m from Russia too :wink:

That is how it is. But players from other countries started playing much earlier than in Russia. It follows from this that we have players of a rank weaker than European, American or Asian. Maybe some kind of events to attract more players from Russia?

Those tournaments, that we have is none offitial. Microsoft doesnt support these.
We have ours tournamets like Rusaoc for low elo players, which organize rus community.

same here in korea !
we have the most passionate RTS users and they are interested in aoe4
however, Microsoft does not seem to be interested in community growth in other countries

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Español o português? :smiley:

Oh, c’mon… Microsoft is a small company, they just don’t have the resources to take care of everybody!! :wink::laughing:

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Microsoft owns 15 game studios, each game studio has at least 3 games. You can’t expect them to do tournaments frequently for every single game.

Furthermore, only games like League of Legends, Dota2, CS:GO have a lot of tournaments throughout the year (E-Sport). The reason for that is, that millions of people play these games, hundreds of thousands are willing to watch tournaments.
To be more precise, LoL has a max of player per day at 12.000.000 (the average per day is about 5.000.000).

Let’s look at Age of Empires:
Age of Empires 1 DE is played by max 1200 players per day, AoE 2 DE max 25000 and AoE 3 DE about max 6000 - total of 32.000 players per day.

So the difference is quite big, the numbers aren’t that low…
But we can’t forget that the AoE 2 DE community does have a lot of tournaments (I don’t watch them but for me it seems like there are a lot of them).

Looking at those facts we can clearly see that it is not that profitable for Microsoft to do more tournaments. Microsoft has a lot of resources, but it can’t gift every game a huge team which will ongoingly create new tournaments. You can’t develop anything without gaining any profit from it (sometimes a great fanbase is profit too, but in this case, Microsoft has already established the AoE fanbase and they don’t really need to invest in tournaments cause they have for example AoE 4 coming…).

Last but not least referring to the Russian community tournaments, this is even less realistic to happen cause even if the community is “big” (I’ll just assume it could be 1/5 of the total player base), you won’t gain any profit at all with 6000 players where maybe 1000 will play the tournament and 500 will watch the tournaments.

That is the reason why in a lot of games the community itself started doing such tournaments and events.

If you say that the Russian community grew a lot, why does the Russian community not just organise events itself, because I can’t imagine Microsoft replying to such an explicit offer for a few thousand players…


Yeah, as you were arguing I started thinking why the community doesn’t organize the tournaments themselves. I think it’s the right direction, because it also motivates each community to be more proactive. Initiative generates movement.

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Hope they are ready for the upcoming AOE4,

seriously :smirk: