Russian Localization of the Burgundians civ is terrible

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  • GAME BUILD: 44834 (29th January patch)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Russian localization of the new Burgundians’ civilization description is incredibly bad. I think Google Translate would’ve done the job better.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Boot the game.
  2. Enter tech tree. (With russian language enabled)
  3. Choose The Burgundians and enjoy the madness.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

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  1. First bonus reads: “Economic updates, which are available one age earlier”(translated to english).
    Should be:“Экономические улучшения доступны на одну эпоху ранее”(in russian)
  2. Second reads: “Stable(as in stability) technologies cost(noun) -50%”
    Should be:“Технологии в конюшне стоят на 50% меньше”
  3. Third bonus reads: "Cavalier update available(plural) in castle Age
    Should be: “Рыцари доступны в Замковой Эпохе”
  4. Fourth reads: “Gunpowder(noun) units25% attack”.
    Should be:“Атака пороховых юнитов выше на 25%”
    Unique unit isn’t translated. I’d propose: “Кустильер”
    Unique techs are also wrong:
    First one is equvalent to:
    Burgundies Vineyards - Change(noun) all edibles into gold; Farmers slowly generate gold in addition to food.
    Should be:
    Бургундские виноградники - Превращает все продовольствие в золото с отношением 2:1; Фермеры медленно генерируют золото вдобавок к продовольствию.
    Second one:
    flemish revolt(non-capitalized)(although on paper this looks alright, russians understand it as"OF flemish revolution) - Update of all existing villagers flemish militia; create flemish militia(non-plural) in town centres.
    Should be:
    Фламандская Революция - Превращает всех поселенцев во фламандских ополченцев; позволяет тренировать фламандских ополченцев в ратуше.
    Team bonus is also wrong:
    Relics generate(infinitive) both edibles and gold.
    Should be:
    Реликвии генерируют как золото, так и продовольствие.

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