Russian Musk Need a Late Game Buff

I feel strelets are OK they are cheap and go in big numbers, but musks just suck so much.

It’s incredible how fast they die even vs Cav(unit they suppose to counter). You can’t hold anything when enemies are full cav + skirmishers. The obvious solution would be helbardier but they are really expensive for what they do and also die easy.

Cav archer is really expensive also, and gets insta killed by skirmishers.

Musketeer may need some HP buff, at least to survive mass cav.

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should card up your cav archers, they definitely don’t get instakilled by skirms at all when fully upgraded. they only take 1.5x bonus damage from skirms, muskets get 3x from lategame skirms


They have only 1 card for cav, so they are not as strong as they seem. Also slow and expensive to produce.

team scout cav: 10% hp
ranged cav caracole: 10% dmg +2 range
cav combat 15%/15%
royal guard 10%/10%

also they train very quickly with church tech, immigrants and riding school

Tartars are very strong units in the late game, they have insane hp for a ranged cav at 622 hp


Russia has to train canons, its a must to kill units. Avoid infantry spamming.


I do but, musketeer cant protect em vs heavy cav.

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You can instant train them. The Musketeers are a shield for the cannons who do the killing.

A shield? They get insta obliterated by cannons.

You have culverin and opris to take care of enemy cannons.

So does the enemy. Good players only go skirm+cav+culvs and Russians cant do much vs that combo.

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Then add more of your own Cav to the mix. And grenadiers are being buffed so they might be able to take on a bit of the role of skirms for Russia.

Russian cav is a waste in late game. Everything they got is super weak.

Some buff to musk would make them survive enough to kill cav.

you need to use your cavalry more which is Russias greatest strength, cossacks and tartars are absolutely amazing and makes them one of the strongest cavalry factions in the game.


Cossacks strong? LoL

Archer Cav is OK, but they are too expensive for Russians to mass because they need a whole lot of food, so you can’t put too many villagers in to coin otherwise you get drained.

they are a 1 pop cav unit, they are stupid strong, possibly the strongest melee cav in the game.

cav archers are 100 food and 60 coin, its not that different form musketeers.

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On top of this, Russia can upgrade almost everything at once at the church, so there’s not even the penalty of needing more upgrades when switching units.

yes the church card is amazing, other factions have to limit themselves to a couple of units till very late while russia can litterally bring their entire roster to bear.

Cossacks are strong because of cost-efficiency. They’re a 1-population cavalry unit that is about 3/4 the strength of a Hussar. They are effectively 1.5 hussars by population.

50 population of Cossacks is 50 Cossacks while 50 population of Hussars is only 25 Hussars.
Does this make sense?


Russia could get a +10 max pop bonus once reached industrial.

Its mostly historically accurate too since Russia always had huge pop cokapres to most European countrys, fits their gameplay and civ too.

We strengthen their character by doing this too, which is hordes of cheap units.

While there units would still be weaker per pop, then they would actually have 10 more.

Its also less than china’s.+20

an skirmishers can kill cav archers easily, with his 20-23 range depending on the skirmish