Russian translation of half of the campaigns and especially RoR is in CRITICAL state!

Good day. I want to present to you my research on the problem, which took me a lot of time. I had to not only go through all the campaigns, but also constantly monitor the text, take screenshots, make notes, and organize the material for the forum. And I did it. It may not seem so at first glance, but there was a lot of work behind it.
I published 2 topics in the Discussion section, because I wanted to see the players’ reaction. Here I will not duplicate the entire topic, but will simply leave links:

In short, I understand that because of Russian politics you may consider that all Russians are Putin… But we are his victims and live in a terrible life situation which you don’t even imagine. Russian language should not suffer because of current events; it is the 6th most popular language in the world and texts could be written in it correctly. And in RoR texts consist entirely of mistakes. There are practically no correct phrases; every second phrase seems to have been written by an asylum patient. This is not Russian. There it is necessary to rewrite almost the entire text of RoR and half of the text of the rest of the game.

I can offer myself for this role. We already have experience in this kind of work.
Or you can give this to someone else but PLEASE make sure he finished school and really knows the language he is translating to. Unfortunately, we have this problem - poor education. Therefore, it often happens that translators who translate from Eng to Ru do not know either language. This is a serious problem and selection of people must be taken carefully.

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In another thread (original topic Korean translation), a user mentioned that Japanese users have a mod that corrects bad translations. The developers should obviously fix these issues if they want better sales, but it seems the community can also do a language mod, that does not interfere with ranked matchmaking.

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