Russians don't have long-ranged skirmisher

I don’t know why the balance never increase the range of Strelet to counter some long-ranged cavalry? In AoE4, Streltsy is the strong gunpowder infantry.
If Strelet increase the range, they will become too OP. How about let Strelet become the Musketeer type units? Then give the Russians a normal skirmisher instead of original Musketeer?

4 Skirmishers (obtain in age 3.)
the cost: 50 * 4 * 0.75= 150f, 65 * 4 * 0.75= 195g
-20% atk and hp. (12 and 96 in age 2)
-10% producing time. (33s * 0.9 = 29.7s)
the cards of Musketeer change to the Skirmisher.

10 Strelets (add Heavy Infantry tags, some Musketeer techs will work for Strelet)
HP: 90->115 (civ bonus: 115 * 0.8= 92)
Resistance: 30% Ranged → 20% Melee
Range: 14->12
Damage (Ranged): 10->18 (civ bonus: 18 * 0.8= 14.4)
Damage (Melee): 5->10 (civ bonus: 10 * 0.8= 8) ; multiplier vs Cavalry 4 , vs Shock Infantry 3.
Damage (Siege): 9-> 12 (civ bonus: 12 * 0.8= 9.6)

10 Strelets cannot kill 1 normal Musketeer by 1 shots. (14.4 * 10= 144)
5 Musketeer can kill this Strelets by 1 shots. (23 * 5= 115)

The cards:

  1. Suvorov Reforms: Strelets transform into Skirmishers
  2. National Redoubt: Enable the Infantry to construct Forts. Skirmishers +10% atk and hp.

i really dont think russia needs skirmishers, they are good enough as they are generally speaking.

like its part of their draw back that they dont have good skirmishers, as a nudge in the other directions they have:

good and instantly trainable grenadiers

can build forts with musketeers

have some of the best cavalry in the entire game

giving them skirmishers is unnecessary and doesn’t fix any issues they currently have.


They might have long range but their speed is pretty fast and they’re cheap so it balances out.

But reliably having auxilaries that take the role of skirmishers, that’s something russians could use.
Or a buff to Cav archer so they are good at taking out all cavalry not just melee cavalry (Be good for Ottoman too).

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Is their range not increased to 16 yet with upgrades, similar how gurkahs increase with each upgrade?

I thought that was changed already

they are 16 base and get to 18 in imperial age.

So already buffed, that’s enough then

isso que eles fizeram foi uma sugestão antiga que eu propus