Sacred site gold is NOT SHARED by the team. Even though it shows your personal player color when a team mate captures it

my only issue with sacred site gold not being shared, is that it can royally screw delhi players in team games. if another delhi player takes the sacred site, they get no gold. if they lose a sacred site and it’s recaptured by a team mate, they lose the gold. if they let a team mate cap it because they think the gold is shared, they lose the gold.

considering this is delhi’s only real eco bonus working for them, it’s crazy that your own team mates can potentially deny it from you. it doesn’t help that even when a team mate does capture a sacred site, it shows up as your player color after being captured.

my suggestion would be that after sanctified sites is researched, delhi players earn 100% more gold if they capture it and earn the base amount of gold (100/min) if a team mate captures it. and at the very least, make captured sacred sites unique in color to the player that captured them.


that would be a good idea actually !