Sacred Site / Landmark Victory Timers Too Short!

I’m surprised more people aren’t complaining about this.
I just played a KOTH map where someone grabbed the center at the start.
10 minutes is way too short to end a game.

Really we need to have the option to play Conquest games.
There’s a reason why Standard victory wasn’t popular at all in AOE2.
It’s way less fun.

It’s so easy to just dig in and the wonder victories feel really lame.
Super anti-climactic!
If we aren’t going to allow Conquest, at MINIMUM sacred / wonder victory timers should be doubled!
Just a shame this game has so much potential yet the devs handicap it like this.

PS: Add taunts in! What kind of AOE game doesn’t have taunts!!?!?

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agree 100%
Wonder victories in team games are the norm. only counter is to get the 3 sacred sites before there timer . Super lame and every 4v4 and 3v3 is this.
Now you just tec to wonder then built 30 or so towers around with villagers in them and cannon upgrade. Few walls around and your allies units to. 4 teams cant break it. By the time they long range siege the walls and tower and kill your allies units its to late.
instant win every time. no matter what.
You can rush out and delay the scared site victory as well so that counter is gone.
Super lame and not fun. Even if your the one winning it feels boring. Tower defense game always

Sacred site victory timer is fine imo because its rewarding the players for map control. When it comes to wonders is a different thing because you are getting rewarded for just sitting in your base. they could just increase the cost of the wonders though which is too cheap atm, specially team games

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Sacred Site is a good concept … but 10 minutes!!! c’mon

10min is totally fine. Otherwise some people will just sit in base forever and will have no incentive to get out.
Sacred site victories are not even that common because a lot can happen in 10min.


if in 10 minutes you can’t organise yourself for push and have more map control the problem come from you not the game.


Yeah I agree here, especially when someone builds a wonder.

I had a super intense game earlier where my team built a wonder, but a few mins late the enemy got the sacred sites, and the way the time worked out the sacred site victory beat our wonder victory by -literally- 15 seconds.

Honestly was pretty fun, would’ve been much more fun if my game didn’t break past 20 mins on water maps, too laggy to do anything.

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They should just rename the game to Sim City Wonder Race!

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in my opinion the combination of the short timer and the amount of resources sacred sites give is too much,

Some ideas:

  • Double its time it is indeed too short and more so when there is only 1 sacred site
  • If it is a mechanism to win game quick it shouldn’t give that much gold either, Remove its resource benefit it is a winning tool
  • If the sacred victory is removed them allow these spots to give resources [ maybe even double its current amount ] and eventually due to how much resources they give the player who controls them will win without the need of a timer
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if in 10 minutes you can’t organise yourself for push and have more map control the problem come from you not the game.

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