Sacred Sites no longer work


since the update with the DLC, the display of the Sacred Sites is broken (also on official maps). But what is even worse is that since then sacred sites in crafted maps no longer work:

On the screenshot you can see how my prelate is standing on the Sacred Site and cannot neutralize it and therefore cannot recapture it.

I can understand that problems may also occur in individual cases with an update. What I can’t understand is why it takes months to fix the problems. I’ve finished my second mission for the Holy Roman Empire, but I can’t publish it because of the bug. It would be great if, for once, you didn’t make us wait another few months and appreciated us as very active modders since the beginning of the game. We keep the modding scene together, give new modders the help they need, even though we don’t get any modding support ourselves (Website with some tutorials on the Essence Editor excluded). We’ve helped deliver content to the community that had to wait a long time for the first DLC. Take notice of us, work together with us. Like you, we only want the best for Age of Empires 4.

I hope the modding community gets the support it deserves at some point.

Best regards


Here I have described the steps on how to reproduce the bug: