Sacred sites

I Would like to construct a monument according the select faction, like in aoe3 we construct over the comercial route to dominate the different sites. Really, I don’t like the flags. Could be a Church or a cross for the English and Germans, a buda’s statue or a mesquite for the others. It’s just an opinion.


These flag points feel more ‘gamey’ compared to mentioned trading posts in AoE III.
It’s just a very utilitarian, artificial way to execute this gameplay design.

Essentially I’ve never been a huge fan of these control points, and certainly not of how they are presented. As far back as in land mode in ‘Star Wars: Empire at War’.
But this is Relic- if you look at Company of Heores series or Dawn of War series it’s clear there are people in that studio that love this element. I don’t think it will be removed, but I think there is a chance to see its presentation being improved and more interesting.
Instead of some sacred flag site it could be a garrisonable building, giving access to some bonuses or otherwise inaccessible, special units.
Or just a visual rework resulting in some pretty, old chapel or church covered in moss and vines.

With a classic RM design, comapred to AoE3, it would be hard to come up with a new, universal design that would fit them all. I just hope it will look more cool.

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I agree with OP.

There should be some way to show how this site is making you gold.

For example, native settlements in AoE3 have Gaia units weaving, or children playing, or priests praying etc that tell you it’s a native settlement. Trade post sockets have some props etc.

But here it’s just a religious site with a flag. But why is it a thing of religious importance? There must be some things to show that.

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Flags on runis is good enough. This is a classic mechanic/style hailing all the way back to AoE1.


Sacred sites are really good here because they give resources imagine a scenario of a player picking up all the relics and sits in his base the other player who plays a lategame civ decides to move out and to be able to lure out his opponent to react instead of sitting behind walls has to contest the sacred sites and you should be rewarded for the sites so you can continue the production i think its a reallly good mechanic in ranked.

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Sacred sites really do feel like artificial gameplay elements. Realistically they’re just AoE3 trading posts but only with gold and no upgrades. Would be nice if they gave them a trade route feel where it remains immersive and historical. I still like the game mode nevertheless, but it doesn’t feel quite right.