Sadly it happened again :(

I really don’t want to be annoying with my constant requests, but my “Rise and Fall of the Seleucids” custom campaign is banned again. Also I think there are some campaigns from PhillySouljah missing and I cannot find the cool “Lord of the Rings” campaign from VainWarlord anymore (it’s an older one) :frowning:

I hope there will be a fix for the automatic flagging issue soon, so that the campaigns don’t have to be unflagged everytime manually. That would be a great improvement for the creators and the community staff from AoE DE :slight_smile:

They’ve been unflagged. It’s technically working as intended. The flags are coming from different users across an extended time span, so not just that someone’s being a pest. I’ll look at other options though to help avoid this. Thanks for letting me know and don’t worry about making requests like this, we want your content to be available!

Thank you and good to know! :slight_smile: It’s sad, that there are so many people, who flag campaigns and scenarios just for fun. Because none of these missions are containing inappropriate content.