"Safe Delete" bug: TC deleted? Just found out how it works

Hello guys. There is a bug consisting in you can delete your TC or even castle as a palisade or house, WITHOUT ASKING if u really want to delete it. Everybody knows a deleted tc means you cannot play the match anymore in most of the cases. Maybe it never happened to you, but you will never want to be in that situation. Here Im writing how this bug works, you can try your bug:
-2 building: TC and a foundation(unfinished building), for example a blacksmith.
-You select FIRST your tc, then add the blacksmith fundation to the units selected, so you will have those two building selected.
-Then, press your delete hotkey (In game you usually want to delete your foundation)
-And here we are: Accidentally you delete your TC with no “safe delete”, and also u will have your foundation alive, nothing happens to the blacksmith.

I just found out the way how it works, but it happened to me in rankeds, 1v1 and tournaments. I consider this game as the competitive game it is, thats why I will ask you to coment or like or whatever is correspondent in this site to make arrive this post to developements in order to let them fix it. Thanks, thats all.