Safe Delete prompt NOT WORKING

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  • **GAME BUILD 101.101.63581.0 9025584
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

Message of warning about deleting Town Center is not showing up. It just deletes the TC without any prompting.
NOTE: Safe Delete checkbox is ENABLED in the Options - Interface screen.

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A Message warning should appear, informing that the building is about to be deleted.

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I couldn’t uplolad the rec as I’m a new user in this forum.

were you using a data mod? it was working for me last night so its likely something else on your end

Hey @RedDuke1991

I am unable to reproduce this. I suggest you to disable any mods and verify integrity of game files.
If the issue persists, let me know! :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, it happened again today.
I even watched the reply with “lock view” selected and I don’t even select my TC.

I still cannot upload recordings so you can check this. Is there any other way that I can send you the replay?


you haven’t answer the question yet. were you using a mod?, also does this happen to a building foundation or a completed building.

lastly, I don’t believe lock view show safe delete confirmation, so a replay would be pointless here.

Hi, these are the mods that I have enabled:

-Anne_HK - Better resource panel and idle villager icon.
-Idle villager pointer (UHD supported)
-No more plants
-2695_Improve Small trees
-Anne_HK - Selected Small Trees with Grid Shadow
-Small Bushes
-Anne_HK - Bigger and Eye-catching Relic

(I wanted to upload a screenshot but I’m getting the the same “new user Message…” and I cannot upoload a ■■■■)

I know that the safe delete confirmation does not show up in the replay, but I wanted to show you that that the TC is not even selected when is deleted in the replay.

do you have the setting safe delete turned on?

also it could be one of the UI mod removing safe delete, though im not sure if thats the cause. have you tried diasble all mod first and play default base game and see if safe delete still come up?

Yes, I have the safe deleted setting On.

Now I’m recording my games, once I have one with the issue, I’ll upload it to youtube and let you know.

I’m gonna try disablingmods and enabling them 1 by 1, to check if one of them is the problem.

well first disable all mod, turn on safe delete and try a random map game without any mod. if safe delete works, then its one of the mod.

It is reproduced as such:

Step 1: Select your TC
Step 2: Select an unfinished foundation together with the TC by pressing SHIFT to make this selection
You will now have 2 buildings selected. U may release Shift.
Step 3: Press SHIFT+DELETE


Thanks, @BarrufetAoc

Those are some very useful repro steps! This issue is now being tracked :slight_smile:

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thanks for figuring this out, I lost a few games because of this, but had no hope in reporting the bug because of no reproducibility