Like heroize of Atlanteans in AOM

Archer → Samurai Archer

Lancer → Samurai Lancer

Man-at-arm→Samurai Man-at-arm


Where did you get these pics bro?

Screenshot of Age insider Mail


I would like to see a Japanese Horse archer :frowning:
Looks like they don’t have it too.

I don’t know why Relic, World’s Edge, and Forgotten Empires are not adding Horse Archer to AOEIV’s civs.
Horse Archers were the most admired unit in Medieval Era.
We don’t have Horse Archers for the Chinese, Ottomans, Delhi, etc
Makes me really sad.

But the Japanese civ looking gorgeous!

Im happy with the update but dissapointed in japanese walls.

Japanese walls are just recycled chinese walls.

Japanese did not construct battlements (merlons and ebrasures) on their walls and did not used octagonal defensive towers.

Octagonal plan is characeristics of chinese architecture and not japanese architecture.

Yes they have octagonal pagodas but not for defensive towers.


maybe Japanese got unique wood wall
like this

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Disappointed that they still consider the naginata a cavalry weapon.

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I wouldn’t be so quick to call it a normal Town Center. It has two tower-like structures that has Arrowslits.

The TC itself also looks more like a Samurai mansion, so I am almost inclined to believe that the Town Center itself is an Unique building. Maybe it can garrison more units, and so, can shoot more arrows? Maybe it can be “upgraded” to add those individual towers. Maybe it is just stronger than other Town Centers?

Either way, it looks very sturdy, and the towers definitely stand out.


Here is some famous artwork illustrating Tomoe Gozen wielding a Naginata on horseback.

Think they took inspiration from it. The black horses even have a similar appearance.

The naginata (なぎなた, 薙刀) is a pole weapon and one of several varieties of traditionally made Japanese blades (nihontō). Naginata were originally used by the samurai class of feudal Japan, as well as by ashigaru (foot soldiers) and sōhei (warrior monks).

Yep, does say it is used by Foot soldiers and warrior monks.


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Yep, the samurai armor has a shoulder shield.
and horse bardling was never a heavy one.
It can barely protect from arrows

Samurai does not wield a shield on his arm, especially a round one xD

Those heavy cavalry look so wrong omg

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Since Tomoe Gozen is a WOMAN.

The Naginata was once the common weapon of the infantry on the battleground, essentially functioning similarly to the European halberd, until the development of gunpowder took it out of the field.
While It was quietly placed in armory because it was neglected by the army, it was used by women and monks to protect their family and to defend monasteries, thus becoming a representative weapon of women and monks.

There is no clear information that Tomoe actually used a naginata as a weapon. The painting of her wielding a naginata on horseback is a later date, most likely based on the idea that “naginata are women’s weapons” and has nothing to do with riding a horse. Absolutely, we can’t deny the possibility of her wielding a naginata on horseback, after all we can’t go back in time to observe her, but using naginata on horseback is very uncommon indeed. It’s like, Europe seemed to not have “halberd cavalry” very often.

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Yes, in short, it is the naginata rider, the samurai and the yumi archer from AoE 3…

I think there is a cheap version of all units (ashigaru’s logic of this feodal system) and a better samurai version of each which cost gold or could be upgraded from a big tech in castle/imperial.





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I have been asking for renaming and reskinning of those units.

  • Naginata Rider
    Kiba Musha, literally mounted warrior.
    Or, Kibatai, literally mounted troop.
    No matter which one, it should be with a yari instead of a naginata.
  • Ashigaru Musketeer
    The term ashigaru means the low level infantry, not the weapon. If this unit won’t be split into 2 units of musketeer and pikeman, then it’s better just name it Ashigaru. If it will, then there could be Yari Ashigaru (pikeman), Teppo Ashigaru (musketeer), and Yumi Ashigaru (archer).
  • Morutaru
    The name is fundamentally wrong. In Japanese, morutaru is the direct transliteration of plaster mortar. It could at least be called Odzutsu, a type of artillery used during the Sengoku period and the early Edo period.

AoE4 can not repeat the mistakes made by AoE3.

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it came to us in the mail