Saracen or Berber Camel units?

Are you a fan of Saracen tanky Zeolotry camel riders and Mamelukes

Or Berber camel archers and cheap camel riders that can regenerate? Together with cheap stable units and genitours.

  • Saracens
  • Berbers

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In a competitive environment, Berbers are probably usually the better camels considering they’re cheap and the meta favors cheap things you can get out quickly, but if you can get saracen mamelukes rolling, oh boy!

On paper Saracens camels do better as a counter with their more hp, but in practical Berbers in general are better at any match up.

I will add here why Saracens are not practical as camel civ like others:

1- Their camels don’t have any strong point until you research their camels UT, the +10hp is not that much, unlike the powerful camel civs who have their bonuses FOR FREE. Hindustanis camels have bonus damage vs buildings and also 20% faster attack and imp upgrade, Gurjaras more bonus damage and also +4 UT, Berbers cheap dirt and regenerate hp. So Saracens are just meh compare to those. If you want the truth, Saracens castle age UT should be free bonus but separated over the ages.

2- Saracens don’t have good economy, unlike other camel civs, the market is only good in all-in play.

3- Saracens don’t have that good support units to mix them with camels, yeah you could say add xbows, but because their eco is not strong, and their units are not cheap (like Berbers or Gurjaras castle age UT or even Hindustanis with their powerful eco) so it will cost them a lot to support their camels with other type of units.

4- Their UU is almost useless unlike Hindustanis, Berbers and Gurjaras, which all of their UUs are very very helpful and more rounded, and also Saracens UU is so expensive and not that much better than their generic camels.

So by this you should realize how Saracens are really bad comparing to other camel civs. I would like to add that even their new imp UT is useless in 99% of situations unlike other camel civs who have strong UTs.

Camel archers > Mamelukes
Cheap camels > Tanky camels
Faster vils > market discount

I like the Saracens’s civ more than Berber’s, but I like Berber’s camels more than Saracens’.