Saracens buildings in behind the scenes trailer

I post this here because maybe u didn’t see it on Reddit (I am not the same guy who posted on Reddit), anyway from what I see it really looks like Saracens buildings and it is really logical to have Saracens in the game.
So what u think will we see Saracens in the game first launch?

This is the post link on Reddit :

Arabs are a must have Civilisation in the Game, I’d be surprised when they are not in it.

I do wonder what kind of buildings those are as they look like bigger ones.
We already saw a lot of differen big buildings for the English in the trailer so maybe there will be more buildings to build in late game and not all technologies are in the university.


Yes, you are right, they are a whole different Faction than English and Mongols and also they were major power in Medieval Period and interact with many other civs which is very good and interesting for the campaign and multiplayer.
And I don’t imagine any medieval game without English, Saracens and the crusade.

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I could imagine a game without the English. Franks and Germans where over all more important historically.
But I think because of the huge English speaking community (USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) the English are more popular because their stories are more known.
England wasn’t that important before the Colonial Age. Until the 100 years war they were essentially just a province of Normandy and not the other way round.
I still think they are important but I’d be sad if the Germans (Teutones) or French (Franks) are not in the game.


Yes, u are right, and what I meant by English is the European countries that participate in the crusade, and actually many were Germans and Franks I guess, but they mostly represented as English in games ,which is wrong.

More than one civ was influenced by Islam and had minarets in their architecture.

I think Persians and Indians are must have but they both also have a none Islamic history.

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But Saracens (Arabs) are the main and original Muslim faction and the most important one and they are the logical choice to go for.

Just throwing my thoughts out there and challenging the OP to think about other potential civs which could be represented by the architecture in the video. It is up to the devs to decide which civs are released for the game and when.

This one specific sketch that I see with the four minarets around it could be the Selimiye Mosque as well :thinking: or another Ottoman mosque, if not Arabic.

I always disliked how similar it looked to Hagia Sophia as the Turkish wonder in AoEII.

But thats probably the case with all monumental ottoman architecture since it was heavily influenced by the Byzantine one.

My wish is to move somewhere earlier in Turkic islamic history this time and do something like the Shrine of Khalid Walid or the Tomb of Ahmad Sanjar as their wonder.

Or anything that will be more distinct with less overlapping.

I’m afraid that they will just straight up add the Ottomans.
They said that they want to extend the time line about 100 years on both ends compared to AoE2, so the Ottoman conquest of the Balkans and even the siege of Vienna are well in that time frame.

Or they just mix them up for some reason.

I hope this is not the case, even if they add Ottomans they should not replace Saracens., it will be an unjustified bad design.

It’s so satisfying that everything about the game is blurry q. I think there are architectural works of different nations in this image. Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Urdu. And I think there should be states instead of nations in the game. Sarazens represent Arabs, but mean nothing to anyone, including Arabs. Likewise, it does not make sense to say Slavs and Turks. It should be replaced by the Umayyad or Abbasid states. Also Flags must be correct. For example, there are two flags in the state of Timur, black and blue. Flags must be found on castles, buildings, and soldiers according to the nationalities in the game. This will increase the attractiveness of the battlefield. I would like to see the Seljuk state instead of the Ottoman Empire. Because the real medieval state is the Seljuks. And as far as I know they are semi-nomadic.