Save and pause button URGENT

Hello all, recently me and my husband bought the AOE IV, which we love playing since AOE II. Unfortunately we realised that there is no pause or save button. This is something that players are complaining for 2 years now and still you haven’t done anything about it. My question to you is do you really think that there is no reason to pause or save a game which can go on for hours? Or do you think that we don’t have real life that will interfere and interrupt the game? I am 52 years old. Do you really tell me that I can’t go to the bathroom if I start a multiplayer game with my husband? To have forgotten to add the buttons is acceptable to ignore all of us who are complaining about it and having paid money for it, it’s shameful and shows how little you consider your customers!!! I would really love to hear your logic behind this!

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